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As a small family ran business located in Southeast Louisiana, our faith, love, integrity, intense focus on product quality and hard work are the backbone of our company.

Owners, Jeff & Roxanne Brown are a husband/wife team, whose love & passion for honeybees and the amazing products they provide go unmatched. Jeff & Roxanne are both native to Southeast Louisiana and have 6 children (3 handsome boys and 3 beautiful girls) who help with the business when needed.

Our Story

The Bee Commander started in 2017 with the purchase of our first beehive. At the onset, it was not known or realized how important and special these little creatures would become to us.

As time went on and our education on honeybees grew, so did our love, respect, and passion for them. Raising awareness to all and the importance of saving them became the heart of The Bee Commander. We are proud to announce that our beekeeping strategy and practice is 100% chemical-free since the beginning and always will be. Honeybees have many obstacles facing them today and the hope of The Bee Commander is to raise awareness of these obstacles to help them survive.

Saving Honeybees, One Hive At A Time!

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Mission Statement

Saving Honeybees, One Hive At A Time!

Saving Honeybees, One Hive At A Time!

Our Mission Statement

At its heart, The Bee Commander strives to protect God’s hardest of workers. We safely remove, re-home and care for them while honoring the God given natural products they provide us.

All honey and wax used in our products come from rescued honeybees safely removed from homes and businesses.

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