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Besides being delicious, raw/natural honey has many beneficial and medicinal qualities. The Bee Commander goes to great lengths to assure that our honey stays true to those benefits to offer our customers a premium quality honey. Our honey is made by our bees from bee yards all over Southeast Louisiana slightly heated and lightly filtered for bottling purposes and to remove unwanted debris. Raw/natural honey will become solid and “crystalize”. This is the natural process of honey and is still edible and great on toast and biscuits in this form. IT HAS NOT GONE BAD! To reliquify, simply take your container and place it in a small pot, fill pot with water half way up the honey container. Slowly heat on the stove with low/medium heat until the crystalized honey returns to liquid form, Enjoy!

Every Purchase of The Bee Commander products insures our ability to continue rescuing honeybees. Thank you!

“Saving Honeybees One Hive At A Time”